Easy to Use

App is very easy to use with simple page layout design. We are open to suggestions for the changes in the app design. Share your feedback in the comments section of the app store.

Great Community

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We Offer A Wide Range Of Features

Light Weight

App doesn't use much of your phone's storage. It stores very less data on your phone even if you use the App for many years.

Creatively Design

We tried to bring complete content on a single page. You can right away start using the app without any doubts or a need of tutorial. It is designed by using minimal number of objects.


We are backed with very good servers to assist you. App works swiftly - try it.

Great Sensible Content

Stories shared by users will be verified, you get best content to read.

A mobile app for all generations.

Check out the app screen shots below. You can observe that we have followed same design style through the app.

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